UAAP Cheerdance 2012 : FEU pep squad disagrees the win of UP pep Squad

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FEU pep squad team captain Erica De Roxas disagreed the win of UP Pep squad. In a statement given to GMA news she said that she honestly believe that the win was theirs and not anyone else.

"Honestly, I know it's ours. But we are satisfied with our performance. It was excellent and perfect.", said Erica De Roxas. up-pep-squad-uaap-cheerdance-2012.jpg

I watched both of their performances via youtube videos and here's my assessment.

1. Overall Performance/effectiveness - FEU went flawless
2. Level of difficulty - UP pep squad set a new bar for the competition
3. Cheerleading stunts (lifts, pyramids, and tumbling skills) - UP Pep Squad
4. Technical merits (synchronization & formations) - both squad got equal points

My rough score is 3-2 in favor of UP pep squad. Guys, I am not a technical judge on cheerdance competition but I can still see the point why the judges let UP pep squad won the cheerdance competition.

My criteria may not be the same with the ones being set by UAAP cheerdance officials but for me it was a clear and clean win for UP pep squad.

Some of you might say that my judgment could have been influenced because I came from UP but just a heads up, few years back when UP won against UST, I completely disagreed the win we had. I know UST salinggawi troupe was better than the cheerdance performance of UP.

Watch the videos of UP Pep Squad and FEU pep squad performance below.

Source: GMA news, ABS CBN news, interAksyon

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Posted by on 23 Sep 2012

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