Cebu Most Outstanding Teacher ordered her students to eat papers

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Cebu A-1 Math teacher who has been awarded four times as “Most Outstanding Teacher” in Paknaan National High School in Mandaue city was accused by her students of forcing them to eat papers.

On September 5, 2012, the Math teacher told her students to do a seatwork and went out to get her medicine in another room as she was suffering from high blood pressure. However, when she came back, the class was so noisy and most of the students were not doing their seatwork. This reportedly made her upset and prompted the teacher to let her students eat papers. It was also reported that students suffered from diarrhea after the incident.


The case remained secret for five days before it was reported to the school principal, Josephine Babatuan.

The teacher, in her explanation to the principal, said that she admitted her fault but strongly denied that she instructed the students to swallow the papers.

However, one of the students, in a TV interview, said that the teacher ordered them to swallow their paper in a span of 10 minutes but since the student did not do what the teacher wanted, she alleged that the teacher took a mono-bloc chair and attempted to throw it towards her.

Benjamin Tiongzon,the administrative officer of DepEd Division Office in Mandaue City Division said that a preliminary investigation was conducted last Wednesday against the teacher by the grievance committee.

During the investigation, the teacher personally asked for forgiveness and was remorseful for what she did.

Tiongzon said that one of the parents vehemently refused to accept her apology and told the committee that she already filed a case against the teacher before the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas who then referred them to the Commission on Human Rights to provide them with legal assistance.

The teacher will continue teaching as DepEd will just wait for the order of the anti-graft office whether to put her under preventive suspension while the case is being heard, according to Tiongzon.

Babatuan also said that in order for the students not to be traumatized by the incident, she had the teacher transferred to another class and another teacher is now assigned to handle the math subject of the affected students.

The teacher's identity remains anonimous since it is stipulated under R.A 4670 the Magna Carta for Teachers wherein section 8 states that “Trial by publicity, shall not be given to a teacher during the pendency of the case that she is facing”.

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Posted by on 23 Sep 2012

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