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Prankster Video Teaches a Gold Digger Some Hard Lessons not Easy to Forget

A prank video on Youtube shows how to teach gold-diggers a hard lesson that would surely stick in their minds forever. The lives of these women are pretty much revolving around wealthy guy whom they always target whenever they roam around the bay areas in the United States of America and similar tourists destinations.


These hot chicks are smart enough in assessing the right profile of their preys. Though they are really good at this, majority of the gold-diggers aren't that intelligent enough to identify if they are subjected to social experiments. This is the primary reason why lots of prank videos on Youtube deals their behaviors.

In the prank video below, it shows a certain hot chick "gold digger" sitting on the sidewalk bench. The prankster introduced himself and would like to make friends. As expected, he was not entertained and too less attention was given by the young girl.

A twist, however, occurred after the suitcase of the prankster got unzipped and hundreds of dollars fell on the ground. Watch the video and see how it ended. This will surely make those gold diggers crazy.


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