81 Filipino Soldiers Refused to Surrender to Syrian Rebels

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Around 81 brave Filipino soldiers denied the demand of Syrian rebels to surrender their firearms. The Philippine military spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala mentioned that the Filipino peacekeepers firmly chose to defend their camp though hundreds of rebels surrounded the group with modern and high powered war equipment.

UPDATE: The camp of the Filipino Soldiers is Under Attack, Syrian rebels stormed their post


The 81 Filipino troops were sent by the Philippine government as friendly units under the United Nations Disengagement Force (UNDOF). Though their primary mission is to supervise the ceasefire agreement between Israeli and Syrian forces, the Filipino soldiers would also have to engage against the Syrian rebels with the increasing threats they encountered in the past days.

Should the Filipino soldiers need to surrender their firearms to the rebels?

We don't believe that this will be an option for them. If ever that the troops will decide to follow the demand of the Syrian rebels, the Filipino soldiers will definitely be held hostage themselves.

One more important thing, Filipino soldiers are tougher than what others would expect. During the Korean war, a thousand of Filipino soldiers fought against nearly 40,000 Chinese soldiers even if they lack battle equipment.

We salute the bravery of these Filipino soldiers.

Disclaimer: No written documents would validate the information and claims shown in the video.

UPDATE: The Filipino Peacekeepers opted to Escape from the Syrian rebels after defending their camp for over seven hours.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 29 Aug 2014

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