Is Kate Middleton Expecting her Second Baby? | Pregnancy test, Positive or Negative?

By: Mikalalalo in People

There is news spreading around that Kate Middleton is pregnant, but until now dukes and duchess of Cambridge haven’t made their announcement yet. Recent pictures of Kate, however, have something to say.

"Have you seen Kate Middleton pictures before, wearing her green coat holding her little bag with her hands covering her abdomen?


It was last June 6, when they attended the celebration of the Commemoration of the 7th anniversary of Normandy landings at Gold beach Normandy, France. One month later, July 5, Kate wore green coat to cut over the ribbon at the tour de France departure held in Yorkshire. Again, she’s covering her abdomen holding her little clutch while cutting the ribbon.

What is it really all about?

Stop wondering! On July 14, 2014 Kate Middleton, 32 years old, reportedly said she is expecting. That’s right! Her son, Prince George, will be welcoming his “Brother or sister” with his father, Prince William, very soon.

It seems that Duchess Kate, enjoys herself being a Mom. I think she’s doing great with her family, so having a second child is what she really deserves. But the big question is, is it a boy or a girl?

Kate Middleton’s friend, Jessica Hays confirmed that her friend is positively pregnant to Australia’s New Day in an exclusive interview. “The news was buzzing around with the inner circle of the family and friends and they’re now saying that they think there would be an official announcement in weeks.”


While some have criticized Jessica’s statement but she was able to precisely predict the announcement of Kate Middleton's pregnancy back in 2012. Prince George was born last July 2013, so Kate’s old friend, happens to hold some merit on news about her friend’s pregnancy! Prince George birthday celebration might be a good day to announce Kate’s pregnancy.

Expecting and Excited? Let’s just wait for further news about the pregnancy test result. God bless!




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Posted by on 17 Jul 2014

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