Hotel President Wilson: The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite

By: Sherwin in Lifestyle

Did you know that the most expensive hotel suite in the world which has a rate of $65,000/night is located in Geneva, Switzerland? It has panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, bulletproof doors and windows for visiting celebrities, a state of the art elevator, 12 apartments, a Steinway grand piano, billiard room, library, and fitness center.


This place is highly recommended for security-conscious people such as celebrities and politicians, or for merely mistrustful people. If you are one of them, then there's nowhere better than staying in Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson Hotel, which boasts Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc sceneries. The wealthy individuals surely have the rights to enjoy staying in places like this and spend their money on whatever they want. If they earned their money from sheer hard work, they also have the rights not to be condemned and be obliged to take every poor people off the streets.

Ok enough of my sentiments. I have some additional facts about Hotel President Wilson. It’s expensive hotel suite has a wobbling area of 18,000sq/ft and it covers the hotel's entire eighth floor and boasts 12 bedrooms, gym, Jacuzzi and terrace. Included in the very expensive nightly rate are personal chef, butler and security team placed at guests' exclusive beck and call. They also have a Bang & Olufsen BeoVision flat-screen TV and audio installation in case you want something entertaining for your relaxation if you get your eyes exhausted of staring at the wonderful overlooking views.


A number of rich and famous personalities have been in the place like Michael Jackson, Richard Branson, Rihanna and Bill Gates. Hollywood stars like Matt Damon and Michael Douglas have also enjoyed their stay and became a living proof to what one of its hotel spokesman said: “No matter where one looks, an oeuvre d'art is for contemplation. Should it be an art deco vase; a prestigious painting, or a Persian carpet, each object has been chosen for its unique value.”


I will surely be dreaming of staying in the world's most expensive hotel tonight when I go to bed. I cannot afford to lose all of my yearly earnings just for a night of stay in this luxurious suite! I guess I just have to leave that to all affluent people out there. There are a lot of them living in this world anyway.




Good Day mates! I’m Sherwin, I am an Electrical Engineering student at Rizal Technological University. I love writing articles and editorials second only to reading interesting conspiracy theories. Feel free to contact me, if you find my opinions and articles a little bit offensive or unoriginal. Follow or add me @

Posted by on 29 Mar 2014

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