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Which Do You Prefer, Mang Inasal or Chicboy?

Which Do You Prefer, Mang Inasal or Chicboy?


Although the skirmish between Mang Inasal and Chicboy ( Short for Chicken at Baboy ) began a couple of years ago, we still can’t help out but to compare the two and evaluate who among them wins the “ Clash of the UNLI RICE Titans”! These two restaurants are certainly the place to go if you want to satisfy your huge appetite.

A piece of trivia in case you don’t know this yet

Mang Inasal was first launched in 2003 and has mesmerized the taste of Filipinos. Now, it has approximately 500 branches all over the country and achieved success in just a short span of time. Today, Jollibee Foods Corporation owns 70% of the company’s shares while Edgar Sia II, Mang Inasal’s founder owns 30%.

Although Mr. Sia partnered with Chicboy, it is still the businessman Francis Juan who owns the Chicboy franchise. He also owns Pier One bars and grills. This may give you the idea on why does Chicboy’s exterior looks like that of a bar and grill restaurant.

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A little review between Chicboy and Mang Inasal

The price is somehow comparable, you will get your money’s worth with satisfying meals even if you are currently on a tight budget. Others might still find it expensive, but for me their prices are just reasonable considering the fact that they are offering unlimited rice and considerable cuts of chicken or other bestsellers.

While there is nothing cosmic to expect when you eat on these two restaurants--not like Vikings, Yakimix and Dads where you can eat to your heart’s delight, it is still worth trying since Mang Inasal and Chicboy still have the capacity to satisfy your stomach.

When it comes to my experience with Chicboy, I am not really enticed at their menu or offers after all. Although I love their Lechon Manok and their vinegar mix condiments, it feels like I am served with a small cut of chicken, BBQ or whatever and then challenged me how to enjoy having the unlimited rice promo while eating only a fist-sized meal. I know it is just Php 99, but still I am expecting more from them.

I am a little bit biased to Mang Inasal since it really succeeded in taming my taste buds three to four years ago and it raised my standards so high--too high to let Chicboy catch up. As compared to most restaurants, Mang Inasal delivers the taste that represents true Filipino flavor. Its menu suited the Filipino needs or for those who love to eat “ Lutong Bahay “ foods. Although Jollibee now holds 70% of Mang Inasal’s ownership, I am still glad that they are able to retain all of its signature meals, which never fall short on making us crave for more.

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