Break up aftermath | How to get on with your life?

By: Abielle in Inspirational

Break up aftermath|How to get on with your life?


1.) Cry!
Let it all out in one night! Just one night. Cry yourself to sleep. Cry your heart out. But remember, after that one night, no longer let a tear fall from your face. Face that fact. No turning back.

2.) Block!
DO NOT STALK HIM/HER ANYMORE! I know it’s easier said than done but it makes it easier in the long run. If you don’t want to block him or her, the least you can do is change your Facebook setting in a way that their feeds won’t appear in you timeline anymore. That way, you won’t have to involuntarily see their feeds. It hurts less, trust me.

3.) ACT like you don’t care. ACT happy!
Acting a certain way will eventually turn into reality. Act like you don’t care and eventually, you really won’t. Act happy and eventually, you will be.

4.) Work out!
You have no idea how invigorating it’s going to make you feel. You’ll get healthier and who knows, you two might bump into each other one day and he’ll think “Damn! Why’d I let her go again?”

5.) Have a crazy fun time with your friends!
You’ll need them. Don’t throw a pity party though. Throw a “Hooray-I’m-Single-Again” party! Don’t let your energy be drained by secluding yourself from the world. Go out there and have fun.

6.) Buy a new pet!
Invest your time on your furry friends. Having them around will lift your spirits and you will surely cheer up.

Remind yourself that it’s over, done, no more! You can’t turn things back now and even if you can get him/her back, you won’t get them by wallowing and moping around. Chances are, they’ll come crawling back when they see you living your life.

So, you should be ready to get on with your life after break-up! Okay?




Hi! I’m Abielle, a Communication Arts student from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Manila. I’m 20 years old and would love to build a career on singing, writing and film directing. I've done some modelling but my passion is still with – Film and Writing. I’m opinionated--peculiar little puzzle that even I can’t figure myself out. Maybe through writing, we’d get bits and pieces of this puzzle together. Follow this puzzle’s twitter and Instagram: abielleremo

Posted by on 28 Dec 2013

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