Where's the Grammy Award Winning - Singer Michelle Branch?

By: Sherwin in Celebrity

Where's Michelle Branch?

Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch is her full name and I have to admit, that she’s still one of my all time crush up to now! I can still recall the times when I used to transform into a jittery young boy whenever I hear her voice or I watch her MTV. She is an outstanding beautiful young lady back then and I can’t help but to blush whenever I see her strumming her guitar and chiming those melodic songs!


At a very young age of 18 years old, Michelle Branch had her debut album, The Spirit Room in 2001 which became a platinum seller. It contained three hit singles (“Everywhere,” “All You Wanted,” and “Goodbye to You”), and sold four million copies worldwide.

The album, as well as 2002’s “The Game of Love,” Branch’s Grammy Award-winning smash single with Carlos Santana, established the Sedona, Arizona native as a youthful musical artist with a very grown-up talent. She then released her bolder and more go-getting 2003 platinum album Hotel Paper which featured the hits “Are You Happy Now?” and “Breathe” .

But where has this enchanting and pretty musician gone in recent years? And what happened to her music?

When she gave birth to her daughter in 2005. Branch found herself at a turning point whether to pursue her career or to bring it to a close. She put her solo career on hold to team up with Nashville singer/songwriter Jessica Harp to form the country music duo The Wreckers, an inspired vocal and songwriting collaboration that was nominated for both a CMA Award and a Grammy Award.


According to her Twitter page, ( I don’t use Twitter so I just provided a screenshot of her Facebook page ), the 29-year-old lives in Los Angeles and is keeping busy as a "singer/songwriter, mother, backyard chicken farmer, baker, wrecker, lover of the f word ( I don’t know what exactly is that F word is all about. LOL, fine dining? Filming? Whatever that was, I’m very happy for her). She also enjoys good food, wine and palindromes" and that's just all from her bio.

Michelle Branch is a co-host of the culinary video website "cook taste eat," alongside chef Michael Chiarello and Timothy Feiress.

I hope that she will still make some good music again, I really missed her appealing face and enthralling talent. Please Michelle, help me stay away from Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Carly Jae Repsen’s music for awhile!




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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 28 Dec 2013

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