The Teleportation of Gil Perez : Filipino “Jumper” of the Middle Age

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Have you seen the 2008 American Sci-Fi-Action-thriller film, Jumper, where the protagonist jumps from one place to another in an instant? How about Son Goku of the anime Dragon Ball Z, who teleports from one place to a distant planet? How about watching a TV show which tackles Quantum Teleportation?

By the way, just relax guys and don’t worry. I won’t discuss Physics in this article.

gil-perez-teleportation upper left: Son Goku of Dragon Ball Z, on upper right: fan art from the movie “Jumper”
lower left: a sketch of Gil Perez, on the lower right: The Plaza Mayor in Mexico City

I took a short and easy to understand definition of Quantum Teleportation from It says;

Quantum Teleportation is hypothetical technique to instantly transfer properties or matter from one quantum system to another without contact, or to transfer a quantum state to an arbitrarily distant location.

Today, teleportation is already possible! Well, at least in Anime and Sci-fi movies. But aside from these films, there are numerous stories which support this bizarre phenomenon. One of those is the intriguing story below, a teleportation act of the Filipino guard, which allegedly occurred during the Spanish era.

A Filipino Guardia Civil named Gil Perez allegedly teleported himself from Philippines all the way to Mexico on October 24, 1593. The strange teleportation happened while he was on duty at the Governor’s palace in the Philippines.

According to some accounts, Gil Perez felt dizzy and unconsciously leaned on the wall for a few seconds. When he snapped out of his very short nap, Gil Perez noticed that everything in his surroundings had entirely changed. The Filipino Guardia Civil teleported to Mexico City!

While Gil Perez was at the state of shock, the guards at the Plaza Mayor in Mexico City confronted him. During the interrogation, Perez insisted that he was being sent there to relay the assassination of the Philippine Governor. Gil Perez also believed that he was still in the Philippine territory.

The Mexican authorities in great disbelief of the strange event immediately put Perez to jail because the guards considered him a deserter, a member of the armed forces who abandoned his post. What’s even worst, he was considered to practice devil worshipping. He was isolated and untrusted by everyone for weeks.

Two months later, a merchant ship from Manila arrived. They brought news about the killing of the Filipino Governor, which Perez had previously relayed to the Mexican guards. One crew of that merchant ship even stood as witness and confirmed that he saw Perez in Manila on October 23, 1593.

The Mexican authorities immediately released him and sent back to the Philippines upon hearing every corners of the story. The only question left in their minds was, “How in the world could a man teleport himself into another country?”

It was a mind-boggling act. No one was able to explain how Gil Perez managed to teleport himself to Mexico City. The country is over 9000 nautical miles away from the Philippines.

Historians discredit this peculiar event and they considered this as a hoax or urban legend but it is undeniable that stories like this will never cease to amuse us!




Good Day mates! I’m Sherwin, I am an Electrical Engineering student at Rizal Technological University. I love writing articles and editorials second only to reading interesting conspiracy theories. Feel free to contact me, if you find my opinions and articles a little bit offensive or unoriginal. Follow or add me @

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