When there’s Hoop, there’s Hope|Basketball never stops in Tacloban

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The Hope is in the Hoops, Basketball never stops in Tacloban

In behalf of Diversity Human family, I would like to extend my sympathy to all of our countrymen who were greatly affected by the devastating typhoon “Yolanda”. I mourn the loss of thousands of lives in Tacloban. It is not my intention to make fun of anything nor to anyone who suffered vast damage caused by Yolanda. I just want to lighten up the mood and show the interesting side of Filipinos. Amid the national crisis, we are still able to cheer and play basketball.

A lot of Filipinos certainly love basketball

As a sport enthusiast, I can’t last a week without playing basketball and my day won’t be complete without palming a ball for a few seconds. Others consider basketball as a form of recreation, exercise, and a stress reliever to most of us. And for some extremely talented players, it can even become their road to a professional basketball career. Without a doubt, basketball is the number one ball game in the Philippines. One proof that I can show you is the photo attached in this article.

When there’s hoop, there’s HOPE


( Credit: Photo taken from a Facebook fanpage )

One of the strongest typhoons ever recorded in the history slammed in Tacloban and other parts of central Visayas early November. Yolanda smashed quite a lot of basketball gymnasiums in the area. But it didn’t hinder the residents in Tacloban to create a working basketball court. I am very pleased to see my fellowmen who improvised a hard court and showed vibrant basketball atmosphere following the deadly calamity.

I know that every victim in Tacloban had a nightmare during the onslaught of super typhoon Yolanda. Majority of them are definitely feeling down but looking at them enjoying the basketball game means a lot to me. It only shows that these people are not losing hope despite the depression they are facing right now.

Take a look at the photo, would you think that their stomachs are full? Can you think where their energies are coming from?

We may see them smiling on our TV screens but that doesn’t mean that they are not hungry. Let us continue to help and donate regardless of the amount. Pass some of your blessings to them and continue to offer prayers for Yolanda survivors.

To all individuals who are helping the relief operations, thank you so much! Rest assured all your good deeds will soon be reciprocated!




Good Day mates! I’m Sherwin, I am an Electrical Engineering student at Rizal Technological University. I love writing articles and editorials second only to reading interesting conspiracy theories. Feel free to contact me, if you find my opinions and articles a little bit offensive or unoriginal. Follow or add me @ https://www.facebook.com/shatteredsherwin/

Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 21 Nov 2013

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