Filipino English is not good enough said Guam Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Abrams

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The Filipinos' "English is not good enough..". The controversial comment was allegedly made by Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Abrams during the Guam Board of Allied Health's meeting, where members discussed a proposal to outsource a transcription task to a transcriber in the Philippines.translate-English-to-Tagalog.jpg

"I don't like the idea at all," Abrams told the board. "Their English is not good enough. You're dealing with a third world country where English is a second language and we're dealing with tapes that are not crystal clear." The undated video clip, posted on Youtube was e-mailed to the media and local senators by a doctor, who has left Guam.

That official is now the subject of an ethics complaint that the Philippine Consulate General in Guam is preparing to file with the Guam Bar Association.

Source: Yahoo news

The Filipino community has issued a statement that this is purely an act of racism.

Better watch the video clip and make your own judgment.

By the way, I smell another public apology request like the one made to Jimmy Sieczka regarding his video - "20 Things I dislike in the Philippines"




Posted by on 16 Apr 2012

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