Cheating Scandal|Judges of Rhythmic Gymnastics Caught Cheating on Exams

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Cheating Scandal|Judges of Rhythmic Gymnastics Caught Cheating on Exams


Being one of the judges of a prestigious Sports in the Olympics is a lifetime achievement. But will you cheat and sacrifice your integrity just to pass the testing process?

New York Times reported a cheating scandal during last year’s elite-level exams which involved 60 of the potential judges who were looking to qualify as official judges for the Rhythmic Gymnastics in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The report allegedly noted some suspicious adjustments on the answer sheets and most of all there were some missing pages.The suspected cheating occurred in testing rooms across Europe. The International Gymnastics Federation, known as F.I.G., spent months investigating the cheating scandal. New York times were able to get first hand information about their findings.

The documents obtained by New York Times revealed that in Bucharest, Romania, the testers clearly copied answers including the mistakes from another paper. While in Moscow, 114 answers were allegedly doctored on dozens of tests papers; in Alicante, Spain, 257 answers were changed. The exam sheets showed vital evidence of the suspected cheating scandal like crude markups and unexplained bonus points. One test clearly had been altered by more than one person after the investigators revealed at least two different handwriting styles on the papers.

In response, FIG made a swift sanction regarding the alleged cheating episode. A top Olympic official was immediately expelled and six others were suspended. Caroline Hunt of the United States was one of the suspended officials.

As noted by the Times, a petition was set up on by Czech national Erik Moers, the sport’s most vocal critic, to “ban unfair judging and corruption from our beloved sport.”




Posted by on 18 Jul 2013

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