Braless Miley Cyrus|NO BRA in New York

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Braless Miley Cyrus|NO BRA in New York


It's summertime and obviously it's getting very humid everyday. Everyone wants to stay home but it's impossible! We have to go out and go to work. However, walking under the heat of the sun isn't fun at all and sweating too much is not a good thing either. So, you have to choose the right outfit before leaving your home. And who's the expert at this? --It's Miley Cyrus!

The gorgeous Hollywood star stepped out wearing a chic V-neck short-sleeve body-skimming chanel dress and NO BRA. This was Miley Cyrus' outfit when she was seen by several paparazzi in New York yesterday.

Does it really feel better going bra-free? Well, Miley Cyrus looks cool and she did this many times. So, ladies why not do the same? Make everyday a NO BRA DAY!! :)




Posted by on 17 Jul 2013

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