Casino Royale actor "Paul Bhattacharjee" found dead|East Sussex

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Casino Royale actor "Paul Bhattacharjee" found dead|East Sussex


After being missing for two days, the actor who appeared in the James Bond film Casino Royale was found dead, the BBC reports.

53-year-old actor Paul Bhattacharjee from Redbridge, north-east London, was last seen leaving the Royal Court theatre in London's Sloane Square on 10 July. Bhattacharjee was said to be in good spirits but after sending a text message to his girlfriend at 21:00 BST, no-one heard from him and an appeal was launched.

Hollywood stars including Bend It Like Beckham actress Parminder Nagra together with Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall took to Twitter seeking for help in finding Bhattacharjee. Cattrall retweeted a tweet from the Royal Court asking information on Bhattacharjee's whereabouts.

On July 12, Paul Bhattacharjee's dead body was found at Splash Point cliffs in Seaford, East Sussex. It was confirmed on Wednesday that it was the missing actor. Authorities said Bhattacharjee's death was not being treated as suspicious.

Meanwhile, Paul Bhattacharjee was due to appear in this week's play Talk Show at the Royal Court in London. His role in the play has been recast.




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