Ruby Lloren Robbed and Burned to Death in Malaysia

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A pinay named Ruby Lloren was allegedly burned to death and robbed by an unidentified suspect in Malaysia last Tuesday. The crime reportedly occurred while her Malaysian husband was still at work.


Major news outlets in the Philippines published some information of the crime when the family members of Ruby Lloren allowed the local journalists to conduct a short interview. Sheila, sister of the victim, shared the tragic story to the press and said they learned the incident when Ruby's husband proactively communicated the crime on the same day that Ruby Lloren was burned to death in the couple's apartment in Malaysia.

According to the initial investigation, the Filipina was supposed to send money on Tuesday when a robber broke into the couple's house and took all of the cash. Ruby was initially poisoned before the suspect escaped from the crime scene. Aside from poisoning Ruby Lloren, the suspect burned the pinay's apartment as well.

Meanwhile, the family members of the victim are agressively seeking help from the Philippine government to give justice to Ruby Lloren. They are also urging the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to immediately process the repatriation of Ruby. In response to their call, Embrahim Zailon--head of DFA clarified that retrieving the body from the possession of the Malaysian government might be delayed due to some legal procedures and additional investigation being conducted by forensic experts. The Philippine embassy, however, is closely working with the Malaysian government to resolve the case.

The 35-year-old victim was a native resident of Polomolok, South Cotabato. Ruby Lloren has a 9-year-old daughter. The caring pinay was allegedly living with her Malaysian husband for the past seven years. She was employed in a fast food chain in Johor Bahru, Malaysia which is the source of the money that she sent to her mother in Cotabato.

As of writing, the name of Ruby's husband has not been disclosed for security reasons. The Malaysian government has also released minimal information about the case but they urge the family of the victim to proceed to Malaysia for the DNA testing of Ruby's remains next week.

Would you believe that the thief who robbed the victim's money also burned Ruby Lloren to death? Are the thieves in Malaysia would normally burn their victims?

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