Philippine Air Force (PAF) C-130 "Hercules" sent to Manila

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Philippine Air Force C-130 "Hercules" cargo plane with tail number 4704 left for Manila last Wednesday after completing maintenance work in California, according to a press advisory from the Philippine Embassy in United States.


This is one of only two PAF C-130s used for troop transport and heavy lift missions.

The PAF C-130 is back in Manila after scheduled  maintenance work was finished at the British Aerospace facility in Mojave, California. 

Recently, the PAF sent MG-520 “Defender” helicopter gunships to the US for mandatory overhaul of Allison turbine engines.


It may look that this is a very small thing but still this is part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines modernization budget.

Big bird, Welcome home!

Source: ABS-CBN News

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Posted by on 19 Oct 2012

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