Gangnam Style is Margie Marge Style ( Helen Gamboa)

By: jayleen in Entertainment

Helen Gamboa, a veteran Filipina actress, singer, and former beauty titlist, shows her own version of Gangnam Style dance. helen-gamboa-gangnam-style.jpg

Helen was caught on cam (in her dressing room) dancing to the tune of the very popular song of PSY--'Gangnam Style' and they call it 'Margie Marge Style'.

To those who doubts Helen Gamboa's dance talent, watch the video below. Believe me or not, she looks like she is still at her prime with the energy and dance moves she got.

Beware Cebu dancing inmates! You have a very talented challenger in town.

But I think it would be better if there will be a collaboration between the Cebu dancing inmates, who also performed the Gangnam style dance hit two weeks ago, featuring Helen Gamboa doing the Margie Marge Style.
Helen Gamboa plays the role of Donya Margaret in the award winning television action-drama series “Walang Hanggan". She is the wife of actor-comedian/TV host/politician-senator Tito Sotto(who's been recently involved in multiple plagiarized speeches) and the mother of actress/singer Ciara Sotto and actor/singer Gian Sotto.

Source: ABS CBN news, Wikipedia




Posted by on 16 Oct 2012

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