Paula Jamie Salvosa's AMALAYER - an LRT Rude Passenger Humiliating a Lady Guard caught on cam (Video)

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Paula Jamie Salvosa, 23 years old and a passenger of Light Rail Transit (LRT) went hysterical when a lady guard allegedly confronted her at (LRT) Line 2 in Santolan Station, Pasig City on November 13, 2012. paula-jamie-salvosa-lrt-bully.jpg Paula Jamie Salvosa is now trending all over the internet. She became infamous because of her misconduct and wrong behaviors against the poor LRT guard.

In the video, Paula Jamie Salvosa totally became furious. Salvosa humiliated and yelled at the lady guard while the latter did not even show an attempt of fighting back nor used foul words against the bully passenger.

Here are some of the lines she uttered to the LRT lady guard. The rude Paula Jamie Salvosa's lines went viral in social networking sites and micro blogging site twitter with the hash tag #AMALAYER.

You're absolutely telling me AMALAYER..! AMALAYER..! AMALAYER..! AMALAYER! You really shouted at me... Ate may pinag aralan akong tao... Ginanon moko im just returning the favor No no no... alam mo kung pano mo 'ko tinanong?

Ano ang problema mo... ?

Oh my God, kuya she's ALAYeR# Oh my God you are freaking LAYER miss!

Paula Jamie Salvosa for sure have full regrets of the things she did yesterday. Paula Jamie made herself known because of the AMALAYER scene which most likely would remain a popular keyword search in google within the next few days.

Paula Jamie Salvosa, it's not too late. A sincere apology will do. I know everyone has a bad day, it's just so bad that you went beyond the limits and you were unable to control yourself from not making a scandalous act in public.

Reports showed that Jamie Salvosa joined the MYX VJ audition for three consecutive years but unfortunately she didn't have enough luck to win the audition.


Due to bias and one-sided presentation of facts by the local media and LRT administration, the Administrator of decided to show support to Paula Jamie Salvosa by allowing her to submit a full article to She needs to defend herself against cyberbullying of overreacting netizens too.




Posted by on 14 Nov 2012

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hay naku ang yabang yabang ng babaeng yan. buti hindi sya binaril sa bibig ng mga guard n nandun. pasalamat sya at di nagdilim isip ng guard.

che Thursday, November 15 2012 - 15:34

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