From back up to limelight : Mic Lllave | 12th member of Team Lea for TheVoicePH Season 2

By: Maria_L in Entertainment

A freelance graphic artist slash songwriter slash music producer by day and a guitarist and budding singer by night, indeed Mic Llave is a very busy guy. And his latest gig, to be the 12th member of Team Lea for The Voice of the Philippines Season 2.


Mic's affair with the guitar began at an early age of 9 and they have been inseparable ever since. Started to make a career as a guitarist for several acoustic artists and local bands playing in pubs and bars around the metro. In 2011, he was chosen to be part of the Elements Camp where Mic had the great opportunity to be mentored by some of the biggest names in OPM. He was able to explore more of his artistry which resulted to the launching of his EP in September 2012 featuring his original single "Ambisyon". The same single was also favored to be the "Pick of the Week" in October of the same year in Radio Republic.


Mic also jammed with no less that Mr. C himself and Mr. Jay Durias when he was invited to Muchikahan on Radio Republic as well where he got to perform another original single, "Tulak" in December, 2013.

When he is not busy making great music, Mic does graphic designs for Myx PH and Jeepney TV.

Here's the performance of Mic Llave at The Voice of the Philippines Season 2.




Maria graduated AB Communication Arts in 2007. Part-crafty person. She has her own online shop Maria's Collection (@mariascollection on Intagram) showcasing handcrafted jewelries. A perfect day for Maria would include the beach, a cold margarita and a re-run of her favorite series, How I Met Your Mother.

Posted by on 02 Dec 2014

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