Man Committed Suicide, Jumped to his death in SM Bacolod

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A man committed a suicide and jumped to his death at a mall in Bacolod. He allegedly ended his life in SM city after he learned that his Filipina girlfriend is engaged to another romantic relationship.

The man, believed to be a foreigner, jumped off the 3rd level of the popular mall in Bacolod resulting to his immediate death. The incident immediately went viral on social media as several witnesses uploaded some of the horrific photos online.


A few hours later, major news agencies published more details of the case. The victim was identified as Richard Alexander Harbich, a 40-year-old native of Friedberg, Germany. The records of the local police showed that the German national previously reported that his Negrense fiancée was cheating on him. However, the authorities did not act on the personal matter.

In a certain report, the victim was broken-hearted and could no longer handle the situation prompting him to end his life right at the middle of the crowded mall in Bacolod. According to a couple of eyewitnesses, the man was initially strolling at the 3rd floor of SM city Bacolod when he suddenly went straight to edge of the elevator and climbed up the railings. Moments later, he was already seen lying on the floor where his hands were tremendously shaking.

Harbich was rushed to a nearby hospital but he was declared dead on arrival.

The failed relationship

The victim traveled all the way from Germany to Philippines hoping to marry his beautiful and attractive 29-year-old Filipina girlfriend who lives in Bacolod. After their acquaintance, the girl learned his financial problems and his severe health issues.

Alexander said his girlfriend instantly dropped him like a hot potato. The girl allegedly swindled his savings and other personal properties leaving him nothing at all. He was staying in a certain hotel in Bacolod but for months he failed to pay his bills because of his financial problems. - source:Sunstar




Posted by on 05 Mar 2016

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