[World Record]Extreme Surfing at 90-foot Wave Ridden by Garrett McNamara in Portugal

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Did the famous extreme surfer Garrett McNamara earned a world record after his successful 90-foot wave ride in Nazere, Portugal?

The new world record in water sports, dubbed as the biggest wave ever ridden in the world, was reportedly caught on goPro camera where Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara bravely faced the challenge of giant waves in Portugal. He visited Nazare for one sole purpose but later it led him to another unexpected result-he broke his own record.

McNamara traveled to Portugal after its government invited him to investigate the location for a big wave competition. According to theGuardian, the chosen venue has an underwater canyon 1,000-foot deep that runs from the ocean to the cliffs. From the said investigation, the canyon is three miles wide but it gets narrower as it approaches the shoreline. Garrett's theorized the canyon that looks like a funnel could serve as a wave amplifier. While conducting the investigation they suddenly encountered something unexpected.


Equipped with cameras attached to the surf board, Garrett McNamara just made a perfect timing to ride a 90-foot wave while inspecting the wild waves on the beach. It was totally an insane ride of his life. Others believe that it was a very dangerous plan of his team to monitor the water movement in the area since huge waves are really seen in this location for the entire year. In fact, a certain commenter on Facebook shared how he rescued the man riding on a jet ski due to a fractured collarbone after he got hit by a massive wave from the ocean.

Nonetheless, the inspiring giant wave ride of Garrett McNamara became a trending topic on the internet catching the attention of various people around the world. Garrett, for his part, had a huge celebration for breaking his previous world record which he also earned from the same location.

The video that you are about to watch was recorded in 2011. For over four years now, many people are still fascinated and continue to praise the professional surfer for living his life to the fullest and for having balls of absolute steel. It's truly amazing to see men like McNamara executing this life-threatening stunt to inspire amateur surfers to test their limits. 

In the video below, you will witness a sheer size and incredible power of a 90-foot wave. We said this as a reminder to some folks who might plan to do this death defying stunt.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 06 Mar 2016

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