Kevin Roi Castro stabbed and beaten up inside Adamson University Campus

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Kevin Roi Castro, 21 of Tondo, Manila & Information Technology (IT) student of Adamson University was stabbed and beaten up by a group of men inside the campus in Manila Wednesday afternoon. kevin-roi-castro-adamson.jpg

Superintendent Reynaldo Tumalad, chief of the Manila Police District (MPD) Station 5, said that the motive for the attack remained unclear, but a witness told investigators that Castro was with a group of students waiting for their professor at around 10:48 a.m. on Oct. 10 when the suspects started to bully him. Castro tried to avoid the suspects, but the group continued to provoke him until one of the suspects pulled out a knife and started stabbing Castro.

Kevin Castro suffered two stab wounds on his left arm and was rushed to Manila Medical Center and later moved to San Juan de Dios hospital. He was discharged the following day.

A witness already identified all alleged attackers as John Francis Celones, alias Juris; Mark Raven Sallo, 18; Don Lawrence Hapal; and Jem Alcid.

The suspects, who face attempted homicide charges, remain at large.

Meanwhile, Adamson University refused to provide comments regarding the violent incident. However, the university has beefed up the campus security measures after the incident.

The latest campus violence in Manila’s university belt took place following the incident in FEU grounds two weeks ago where UST student Joanne Lourdes Reyes, 20, was assaulted by a group of female FEU students.

Source: Philstar, PDI news, ANC news




Posted by on 14 Oct 2012

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