National Go-Topless Day in New York City - Women's Fight for Equal Rights

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go-topless-day.jpgNew York City - August 26, 2012 was the 41st Women's Equality Day and it was also the celebration of the 5th anniversary of National Go-Topless Day.

The heat of the sun in New York didn't stop women activists to gather and bare their chests in public. Dozens of women participated the Go-Topless Day in New York. The women urged equal rights to go topless regardless of gender. Women were fighting for the discrimination between men and women. Some of them wave a sign, "Equal Topless Rights For All."

The women who participated the National Go-Topless Day on Sunday drew the attention of the crowd as soon as they appeared in New York park. Karen Heaven, the event organizer, said that there is nothing wrong with the female nipple. Several people took pictures and captured a video of the said event.

In New York, it is legal for women to topless in public but in most states exposure of female nipples in a public place is a criminal offense punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

National Go-Topless Day reminds me of the National no Bra Day. But having no bra is different from this event because women who joined the National go-topless day went on naked in public showing their nipples.

The annual Go-Topless Day was established in 2007 by the sports car journalist called Rael, who founded a religion called the Raelian Movement after he was alledgedly visited by a space alien in a French volcano park.

Just a final word, women showing nipples in public beaches seems to be a common thing in some areas. See photos below.


Nude Beach


Topless Woman


Socialite and former model, Jade Jagger

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