National NO BRA DAY JULY 9 2012

National No Bra Day July 9, 2012

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After the "NO Panty Day" now here comes NO Bra Day. When I took my break yesterday, my colleagues were talking this no bra thingy. I heard them saying that this would be observed this 9th of July and they are encouraging their girlfriends to show support.

My initial reaction? I doubted its authenticity just like the No Panty Day but still I gave myself a chance to conduct a research to verify its validity.

When I came home I tried a couple of google searches and I found this website - It says,

Ladies, free your breasts for 24 hours by removing those dreadful (but at times oh-so-helpful) bras. Our perkiness should not be hidden. It is time that the world see what we were blessed with. Your breasts might be colossal, adorable, miniature, full, jiggly, fancy, sensitive, glistening, bouncy, smooth, tender, still blossoming, rosy, plump, fun, silky, Jello-like, fierce, jolly, nice, naughty, cuddly… But the most used word to describe your breasts on July 9th should be FREE!

Gentlemen, you can participate too! Your job will be to support us ladies by rocking something purple. It can be a purple tie, purple boxers, purple socks, the NNBD button or t-shirt.. If it is purple or with the NNBD logo, it supports us. (Your support means quite a lot to us…)

If wearing a bra on this day is absolutely necessary, you can definitely show your support by wearing something purple. on the other hand, has a front page highlighting "Every Friday is NO BRA DAY". But July 9 this year does not fall on a friday which also opposes to many blog articles citing that No Bra Day is done during Saturday.  And all other search results I got bears the statement - I have no clue on when, where, and who started this tradition.

Wikipedia has no related article regarding No Bra Day but there is a National Cleavage Day which says:


National Cleavage Day is an annual celebration held in either March or April in South Africa, sponsored by the brassiere marketer Wonderbra. National Cleavage Day was started in 2002 and held at the beginning of April every year.


 A photograph of a woman showing her cleavage taken on the day in celebration of the event in April 2008.

Now, do we really have to support this No Bra Day on July 9?

First and foremost, in my observation this is no longer necessary for the majority of Hollywood actresses. Britney Spears flat out refuses to wear bras though her mom always advise her to wear one. Britney Spears thinks bras are just a suggestion. It's both annoying and awesome for different reasons, she said. Same goes to Lindsay Lohan. She even went braless during her appearance in the court. Fergi, Rihanna, Ciara, Sharon Stone, and Jennifer Lopez did the same instance.

I also received comments from women that they normally take off their bra when they are at home because of a  simple scientific reason - doctors suggest women that they need to unbra when going to bed to avoid breast cancer. So, I guess even without this event millions of women are already doing this on a daily basis. And how about those tribes who are still not living in the modern lifestyle? What are you expecting from them?


So ladies it's up to you. The decision is all yours. For one thing, no public scandal please!


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  • 5 stars
    Crystal Susan Bloom
    Comment from: Crystal Susan Bloom
    07/10/12 @ 01:18:50 am

    YYYYAAAAYYYY! ALL I CAN SAY IS ‘LOOK OUT BELOW’! (I just hope it’s not one of those days that’s just not worth wearing a bra for, anyway!) Just a warning to the unsuspecting innocents. Some of us wear those ‘over the shoulder boulder holders’, you know! ;)

  • 5 stars
    Comment from: Paul
    07/09/12 @ 09:24:08 pm

    Ok I have a bra on in support of women’s no bra day. I suggest that everyone put a post on their bf page and send for all their friends to post it too and lets see have fast this can get around and get guys everywhere wearing a bra. I also think it would be cool if men wore bras in April for breast care awareness. Ladies get this out there. If men start it won’t be the same. Do y’all thing and make it happen.

  • Terri
    Comment from: Terri
    07/09/12 @ 09:07:55 pm

    I’m gonna do it now… so boys what are you waiting for? Follow Paul’s suggestion and let’s support the National No Bra Day!


  • 5 stars
    Comment from: Paul
    07/09/12 @ 08:38:37 pm

    Yes indeed I wouldn’t suggest anything that I wouldn’t do. So y’all girls need to kick it off. I’ll do it.

  • Michelle
    Comment from: Michelle
    07/09/12 @ 08:10:39 pm

    That’s a clever idea Paul, but would you do it yourself too? lol

  • 5 stars
    Comment from: Paul
    07/09/12 @ 05:08:19 pm

    Why don’t the men wear the bras as support for women’s no bra day?

  • 5 stars
    Comment from: Paul
    07/09/12 @ 05:07:06 pm

    Why don’t the men wear the bras as support for women’s no bra day?

  • Michelle
    Comment from: Michelle
    07/09/12 @ 05:21:41 am

    What the? Is this serious?

    Well, I am serious, I am doing it but I’m aint going out today though… :)

  • John Lynden
    Comment from: John Lynden
    07/09/12 @ 05:18:26 am

    And how many now are celebrating this momentous event? LOL

  • Myself
    Comment from: Myself
    07/09/12 @ 02:24:26 am

    My guess is that if this thing really comes off, guy won’t have to wear anything purple. The purple will be between their legs.