Philippine Navy, US Navy and Southeast Asian countries combined naval exercise (SEACAT)

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Manila, Philippines - The Philippine Navy together with US counterpart and Southeast Asian countries joined together for a five-day combined naval exercise dubbed as Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training (SEACAT). The training starts Tuesday and will last until September 2, 2012.

The United States deploys the USS Safeguard for the exercise which serves as the Contact of Interest (COI). The Philippine Navy delegated 200 personnel, four ships and an aircraft for SEACAT. It will include surface, air and special operations units from the participating countries.

There has been no confirmation yet if what specific type of assets the other countries will bring for the training exercise. According to Col. Omar Tonsay, foreign units will not enter the Philippine waters. He said the command and control center of the exercise is in Singapore. USS-SAFEGUARD-navy-ship.jpg

Navy spokesman Col. Omar Tonsay said that the joint naval exercise aims to prepare the navy against terrorism, transnational crimes and other maritime threats. It will also focus on real time information exchange, coordinated surveillance operations, and combined inter-operability capability with participating navies in the region, tests its personnel and naval assets operational readiness and ultimately, improve the maritime security capability of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Tonsay said SEACAT is annually conducted “to ensure control of vital sea lanes from terrorists, poachers, and transnational lawless elements.”

The maritime interdiction operation scenarios with boarding opportunities will be conducted at Subic Bay and in Malacca Strait, Sulu Sea.

Joining this year's annual training activity are Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Cambodia, the host of the recent Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference is not part of the exercise which is also known for its controversial decision of non-issuance of the customary Joint Communiqué.

-A news from Philippine Daily Inquirer and GMA news online

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