Negros Police Used as Live Target During Shooting Exercise

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A poor police in Negros Occidental was reportedly used as live target during a shooting practice at a fire range last May 19, 2016. The victim had to grip a balloon in between his legs and let a high-ranking police officer beam his M-16 rifle at it. The cop, however, was critically hit by a live bullet on his foot when the official missed his target.

A concerned netizen named Jun Ledisma uploaded a 22-second video on Facebook to show the actual footage. The live target who was identified as PO1 Marvin Gustilo is seen in the video extending both of his arms sideways while a white big balloon is placed in between his legs. 

During the first attempt of the suspect identified as Victorias City police chief Supt. Frederick Mead, loud applause can be heard from the background hinting that Mead hit the right spot. The second try, however, didn't make it to the balloon. The chief of police in Negros Occidental missed his target and hit the foot of PO1 Gustilo causing the victim to fall on his knees.

The local crime operatives conducted their investigation and the initial result purportedly showed zero negligence on the part of Frederick Mead. In addition, the document allegedly indicated that it was purely accident.

Jun Ledesma, for his part, did not believe the results of the investigation since Jun thinks that Mead deliberately directed Gustilo to serve himself as the live target during the shooting exercise.

According to a news report, Ledesma appealed to higher authorities to conduct the investigation. The request of Jun is possibly being facilitated by the national police after a report came out noting the order to relief Supt. Frederick Mead as head of the Victorias City Police Station, effective on Wednesday, June 22.




Posted by on 20 Jun 2016

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