Calamba Laguna CCTMO drunk officer attack bus driver - latest road rage

By: Marisse in People

CCTMO-calamba-road-rage-drunk-bus-driver.pngCalamba, Laguna - A new road rage was caught and recorded by one of the bus passengers in Calamba City. The amateur video captured the violent response of the Calamba City Traffic Management Office (CCTMO) enforcer against the bus driver. The two were exchanging harsh words which lasted around four (4) minutes. During the conversation, it seems the issue all started when the driver refuted a traffic violation that was suppose to be issued to him by the CCTMO officer. The enforcer got mad and he even slammed his helmet on the road.

In the video, the CCTMO enforcer went away when another person intervened their violent conversation. It seems one of the parties involved was under the influence of liquor.

Unlike the road rage between Robert Blair Carabuena and MMDA enforcer Saturnino Fabros, no actual agressive and strong physical contact that took place between the bus driver and the CCTMO officer.

Meanwhile, another video was also uploaded in youtube last April 15, 2012. It was said that the street fight happened in one of the busiest streets in Pasig City. Watch the video below.

These road incidents maybe just among the hundreds of its kind. The busy streets in Manila are not easily monitored by local authorities. There might be some road rage which cost motorists lives but unfortunately those didn't reach the media.

Good thing that most of the cellular phones have embedded camera/video feature which can be easily used to record incidents like this.

Update: The bus driver was identified as Rolando Fadrigalan and the CCTMO enforcer's name is Melchor Caballes.




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Posted by on 24 Aug 2012

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