Lawsuit : Apple Inc. wins over Samsung Inc. (Galaxy smartphones vs iPhone/iPad)

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Apple Inc. scored against its offshore rival - Samsung Inc. The U.S. jury awarded Apple Inc. with more than $1 billion worth of damages from the allege imitation of Samsung smartphones on its major products -iPhone and iPad.

One of the major arguments of Apple attorneys is the geometric design. Apple attorney's claimed that Samsung smartphones were patterned from iPad and/or iPhone. Wow! So what does it mean? Hey look, there are limited number of geometric figures that you can use in real life, we call it 'Practical geometric figure'. I mean, who would like to create a Smart phone with 100 corners just to make it unique and to evade from having legal and patent issues?

Can anyone tell which among the photos below is Samsung LCD TV, SHARP, LG? (without placing your cursor on the image) Then look at the photo of iPad versus Samsung Galaxy tab. I hope everyone gets my my point now. Most of the time patent infringement is so lame and it doesn't really make sense. Patent infringement has a lot of gray areas. It's just like the 'Smiley Patent'. Circle is a common geometric figure and all of us knows how to draw a basic smiley emoticon. This case has no difference when compared to the legal cases filed by two giant microprocessor manufacturers in the world against each other- AMD vs INTEL.




When it comes to the software lawsuit, I want to blame the old and greedy man named, Bill Gates. Search the internet how he made huge money when he introduced software licensing, patents, software copyright, etc. The major issue of a proprietary software is development path and the source code of the program is not open to the public. That means, a copyrighted software which you bought for $5,000 dollars may suddenly disappear and all support will no longer be available. Proprietary softwares blocks fast development and enhancement. Furthermore, it hinders huge innovations which other companies can do.

Who's the winner again? Yes, Apple Inc. But that doesn't mean that Samsung completely lose everything. As a matter of fact, Samsung only lost a fraction and the real losers are the iPhone consumers. We can not expect that the next release of iPhone/iPad is still considered a cutting edge technology because we know that other companies can make it better. I am not saying that Samsung products are way better than Apple. It's just very obvious that if everything is open source, the technological innovation could be two or three times faster than usual.

One more thing, since millions of patents and copyright are filed around the globe, these lead to lesser options available for consumers.

Disclaimer: We here at don't favor any of the two companies. The researchers of are either using Apple or Samsung products.




Posted by on 25 Aug 2012

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