Video of Arrogant Engineer Joey Llana Carrying a Rifle Irked Thousands of Netizens

By: DiversityHuman in News

The alleged prank video of Engineer Joey Llana didn't draw laughs but instead it irked dozens of Filipino netizens. Users on social media claimed that the engineer displayed an utmost act of "arrogance".

A viral video which runs roughly 40 seconds featuring an engineer carrying a rifle is currently earning thousands of shares on Facebook after several internet users became upset of the prank. Many believe that Llana possessed a real gun though there are some claims that the engineer was only holding an M4A1 airsoft gun.


Though the intention of the video is to draw laughs, it instead generated the opposite result when hate campaigns were initiated by large Facebook groups and fan pages. They accused Engineer Llana for being an irresponsible gun owner.

Here's the viral clip featuring Joey Llana raiding the house of Engineer Pla Persia. You can also see the car plate number of the house owner, "UKX 425", at the latter part of the video.

There's a gun ban implemented nationwide because of the 2016 national election polls in May. Do you really think that this guy is seriously bragging a live rifle instead of an airsoft gun?




Posted by on 06 Feb 2016

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