Missing People: 17-year-old Allen Rosaflor Tiozon Fiesta (Bulacan)

By: DiversityHuman in Public Service

A 17-year-old girl, Allen Rosaflor Tiozon Fiesta of Bulacan, was declared missing on Saturday. The girl was last seen on October 11, 2014 at Tabang, Guiguinto at around 7a.m.

Clyde Mcline posted the following message on his social media account requesting help from netizens;

PANAWAGAN LANG PO: We badly needed all the help we can get, by sharing this photo to find my pamangkin, please pa share na lang po, she is only 17, hakahanda po kaming mag bigay ng pabuya sa mag tuturo sa kinaroroonan nya, thank you po and god bless to all of us po. My ate is so worried and she is not in a good condition please pakitulungan po ninyo kaming ipakalat ang larawan nya.


A composite photo of Allen Rosaflor Tiozon Fiesta was also published on Facebook for quick reference. The missing girl has a distinctive mole on top of her right eye brow. According to additional descriptions, Rosaflor is not in good condition. We don't like to assume but it looks like she has a serious health condition that requires close monitoring.

If you happen to accidently meet the missing girl "Allen Rosaflor Fiesta" of Bulacan, please immediately report it to the nearest police station or send an SMS to 0932-229-3086(SUN) or 0905-183-5992(TM).

The family and relatives of the missing girl are allegedly willing to give a reward to the person who could tell her whereabouts and exact location.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 13 Oct 2014

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