TATU All The Things She Said Metal Cover (Videos)

By: jayleen in Entertainment

TATU is a Russian music duo consisting sexy ladies Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova who became famous in early 2000s with the their hit debut single "All the Things She Said". Now, I don't want to discuss their career. All I want to talk about are the Metal covers of Clutter and Madbones, which contain a distinctive tone that brings a very good sensation to my ears. :)

The music trend nowadays revolves around pop, RNB, ballad, and a little of alternative rock. Thus, metal music is far away from the limelight. I could not blame if the new generation would only settle to unending overly recycled loops and considered it music. Everyone of us has our own preferred music genres. So, give way and listen to the metal version of "All the things She Said." \m/


If you hate heavy metal music, then you can watch the viral video of an OFW who sang 'Something to Say' by Harem Scarem or you listen to the violin cover of Bryson Andres, a famous pinoy street performer in the US.

If your ears can't stand the noise or death growls, in layman's term called "scream" :) . Then you can try to listen the following versions. The bottom video is a simple cover.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 26 Sep 2014

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