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Jollibee's Shortage of Chicken Joy Turned into Viral Jokes (ChickenSad, SaddyBee)

What happened to 72 stores of Jollibee Metro Manila and around the cities?

There would be no chickenjoy because it is chickensad, nor Jollibee because it is now Saddybee, Jollibee’s world known tagline, “bida ang saya” seems to be forgotten that they made Filipino netizens sad because of the sudden shortage of food supply.

What is Jollibee without chicken joy? Umm, it's nothing but we could ask Mcdonald.

“Kenkoy ka! San mo tinago ang mga chicken joy (You clown! Where did you hide Chickenjoy?),” the fuming Jollibee mascot asks its rival mascot, Ronald.

A photo in the web comment going viral shows “Jollibee” mascot beating up rival mascot, “Ronald McDonald” over the missing Chickenjoy.

Ronald replied;

Di ko alam… tanong mo kay Kentucky. O kaya kay Mang Inasal (I dunno.  Ask Kentucky or Mang Inasal).”

jollibee-chicken-joy- saddybee-jokes

Photo credit to astig.ph

While KFC said,

“No such thing as #ChickenSad in the house of #SoGood,” tweets @KFCPhilippines, voicing up their famous ad slogan “Finger lickin’ good.”


Some netizens even came out with the story relating Mommy D’s new boyfriend.

Mommy D, Dionisia Pacquiao, the PacMom herself, reportedly said she has found love anew in a “spring chicken,” a man 25 years younger.

This just explained how deeply and widely Jollibee Corporation, one of the the country’s biggest fast food chains, penetrated the taste of Netizens. The shortage of product supplies (chicken joy, yum burgers, jolly hotdog and Jolly spaghetti) affected large population in the Philippines.

According to the official statement of Jollibee Corp. that was sent to GMA news, the new IT system changes which started last August 1, 2014, caused the temporary delay of shifting orders, product deliveries and dispatching of transportation.

Meanwhile, Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) apologizes for the lack of their popular products. They did not know this was coming but they are really working on it now with the system and Philippine Stock Exchange today. The issue would be resolved “in the next few days.”

I know a lot of us are big fans of Jollibee. As a Filipino, we were raised in this store but I want to remind everyone that the foods taken under fast food chains includes preservatives and lowering our consumption to it would be better for us.


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