Vampire Celebrities Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Caught Dating and Cuddling?

By: Mikalalalo in Celebrity

This week two well-known vampire celebrities, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed were caught together in Los Angeles. They were not just together, jogging side by side last Saturday, but were also allegedly cuddling at the studio city farmer’s market on Sunday, July 22. Ian kept his arms around the shoulder of Vampire lady from World’s #1 book, Twilight, while kissing her on the cheek several times.

Ladies, don’t get jealous but be happy because you’re Vampire Diaries’ handsome face, Ian Somerhalder, 35 years old, is officially dating Twilights’ Nikki Reed, 26. They are friends for a long time but now they decided to take it to the next level.


Ian and Nikki were both recently single after breaking up with their long term relationships. Nikki got divorced to a singer, American Idol Paul Mcdonald, 29 last March 2014, while Ian famously dated his Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev on and off for several years.

A brief Rewind

Surprisingly, Ian & Nina and Paul &Nikki were used to double date together. Not only that, Ian also dated Reed’s twilight co-star, Ashley Greene briefly back in 2009. Reed is also a close friend of Nina Dobrev. They both dated, Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough. Derek was Reed's first fling following her march break up with Paul after two years of marriage. So oddly, they are really friends for a long time.

Currently, Nikki Reed is still dealing with Paul's break up. Good thing Ian Somerhalder is there to help her out, so they just want to take things slow because they don’t want to ruin their friendship, but mutual feelings between the two remains obvious. If asked about their friends, they said that they’re taking baby steps now, as they want to keep a harmonious relationship between Nina and Paul as well. They don’t want to start exclusive relationship together right away.

It’s sweet that they are turning everyday activities into dates like taking a run or going to farmer's market to have quality time. But of course, as friends, Nina Dobrev and Paul Mcdonald were shocked knowing that their ex’s are dating.

Wait, does Nina know it already? She might not want to speak for now, but she’s not stupid! She also reads gossip reports like us. Paul, on the other hand, is still totally heartbroken, as he always love her wife even what they have gone through. He doesn't want to ask too much but he’s hurt. “He had every intention of being with her forever,” a source told




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