Why do this Man has to Carry his Son and has to Walk 18 Miles Everyday?

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A man in China reportedly sacrificed majority of his time to give full attention to his son by carrying him at his back and by traveling a distance of 18 miles everyday. A heart touching story of the 40-year-old farmer Yu Xukang moves the heart of the communist government after the leaders learned his story.

Xukang, a single dad from the Sichuan Province in China, has a 12-year-old son named Xiao Qiang, who suffers from a rare disorder forcing his arms and legs to become crossed over and additionally causing his back to be hunched over.


Photo: Central European News

Yu is just an ordinary farmer of the communist country, who needs to do farming jobs to earn a living. However, this spirited man remains determined to give a better future for his son. He wakes up as early as 5a.m. everyday to pack the meals of his son. The single dad then prepares Xiao Qiang, places him in a basket that he attaches to his back, and both of them starts to travel an estimated distance of 4.5 miles. After which, Yu has to immediately return to the remote village to do his farming tasks.

After school hours, Yu has to pick up his son and will again trek the mountains in China for them to reach their farm house, a round trip of nearly 18 miles per day. Though the kid is barely three feet tall, the rugged terrain is the major challenge of the single dad. However, he never thought of giving up for the education of his son.

According to reports, the schools at their village constantly rejected the admission of Xiao Qiang since he is physically disabled. The devoted dad did not stop looking for a school and later Fengxi Primary School accepted his son. It was the day that marked his daily routine of carrying Xiao Qiang in a basket attached to his back.

Yu is fully determined to send Xiao Qiang to college someday.

Meanwhile, after the authorities learned the daily journey of the pair, they offered help and agreed to provide a room close to the school.

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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 16 Mar 2014

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