Signs that might mean he/she is NOT Ready for a Relationship

By: Abielle in Inspirational

Ever had someone send you mixed signals? You don’t know what’s going on with the two of you? Here are some of the lines you’ve probably heard from a certain someone you may be in love or infatuated with.

NOTE: I use “he” but this applies to both male and female perspective.


1.) “I’m not ready for a relationship” (But he is obviously flirting with you)

Well, this actually doesn’t get more obvious than it just did. There’s no reading-between-the-lines needed here. That person likes you, the attention you give them, the pleasure of being with you, BUT they’re not ready for a commitment. There are so many reasons why a person does this. One of them may be that they don’t want to close doors for others who could come their way.

2.) “You can date other people” (But he shows you how jealous he gets when you do)

By telling you to “Go date other people”, they’re building a net for themselves. It’s a safe zone sentence. There may come a time that he would cause trouble or hurt you in any way, he could easily use that as an excuse by saying “I DID tell you to go see other people and you didn’t.” It’s called a bluff. He may know that you’re too infatuated with him to actually date other people anyway.

3.) “You can leave if you want. I won’t stop you. But surely I’ll be upset”

There goes the safe zone again. He’s giving you the guilt trip. He’s telling you that he likes you but not enough to force you to stay, he does like you enough to be upset though but that’s all; he’ll ever feel if you leave – Upset.

4.) “We don’t need labels”
He’s completely fine with what’s going on with the two of you right now. But it also determines how he actually sees you. If he feels that you’re the one for him and he wants to have a more serious relationship with you some time in the near future, he’ll be doing whatever it takes to keep you to himself with a binding agreement – commitment. Everything else in between friends and a relationship is a “safe zone” for him. It’s the “complicated zone” for you.

5.) “Let’s just go with the flow”
It’s a subtle way of saying “I don’t see you in my future.” He’s probably enjoying your company and he fears saying promises to you in any way because he KNOWS he’ll break it one way or another. Either way, he’s safe when he says “Go with the flow.”




Hi! I’m Abielle, a Communication Arts student from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Manila. I’m 20 years old and would love to build a career on singing, writing and film directing. I've done some modelling but my passion is still with – Film and Writing. I’m opinionated--peculiar little puzzle that even I can’t figure myself out. Maybe through writing, we’d get bits and pieces of this puzzle together. Follow this puzzle’s twitter and Instagram: abielleremo

Posted by on 19 Dec 2013

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