Being the best version of YOU | Four important advice to Improve Yourself

By: Abielle in Lifestyle

Being the best version of YOU

We already know about all the talks and writings on how society is manipulated by the media about how people should perceive beauty. No matter how long we discuss about beauty, there could still be no changing how people see themselves. We can’t just tell people to “Accept who you are, you’re beautiful” and expect them to instantly feel good about every imperfections they have.

Whatever complaints you may have about yourself, you should realize that you’re all you have. Your body, mind and soul are your raw materials and you have to work with what you’ve got. You can’t be someone else, just be the best version you can be. Here some ways to give yourself that whole boost to being the best version of YOU.

1.) Health and Fitness
Sometimes people get overly dramatic about looking “ugly” and “unattractive”. Why? Because they complain about the acne they have, the bags under their eyes, the extra weight etc. Then some people end up saying “accept your flaws” bla bla bla. NO! Those kinds of flaws should NOT be accepted. Why? Because those flaws are results of an unhealthy body. Your acne may be caused by the dirt - then wash your face regularly. It may be caused by a condition - have it checked by the doctor. For your eye bags, treat them, conceal them. For the extra weight, go to the gym and get fit. What I’m saying is; if you can remove the unnecessary “flaws” you have, do it! Take care of your body. Don’t be stick thin, just be healthy. Healthy is sexy.

2.) Develop your talent
Being beautiful doesn't only mean the physical. You should be able to have something to be proud of. Having a talent would mean that you have something else you focus your time on rather than anything else unnecessary. Develop the skills you already have. If you feel like you haven’t yet discovered your talent, then go explore and learn. Learning doesn’t only mean you hit the books. You have to figure out the things you love to do and focus on developing those things. Take classes, go on youtube and search for free tutorials.

3.) Sharpen the mind
There’s something so attractive about smart people. I’m not just referring to book-smart people. I’m talking about smart people in general. Those who can keep a conversation going and talk about other things than just sex and video games. There’s nothing wrong about those topics, but if it’s all you talk about, then you REALLY have to go out and learn more. Physical looks are important but if that’s all you have, then the closest thing to respect you’ll ever get is a guy refusing to touch you just for the sake of being a gentleman. Being intellectual is directly proportional to being a fun and witty person. Someone who people would look forward to being with. Read. Keep reading. Keep learning!

4.) Dress for success! (Related article: Metrosexual Way! Be Proud and Stand out!
Dressing up isn't just for fashion’s sake or looking pretty. It’s also about being who you are. How you dress could show people the type of person you in one look. Be presentable. Forget about those sayings “Well, if you’re pretty you can look good in rugged clothes.” Again, it’s not about being pretty. It’s not just about the face. It’s about looking your best in all that you do. Like I said, your body is your canvas. Work with what you’ve got and give it a boost. Don’t give people a hard time having to have to look at you a lot closer just to see prove you’re beautiful. Dress well and they won’t even HAVE to look twice.

None of these four important advice are about changing yourself. It’s about improvement and being the best version of you.




Hi! I’m Abielle, a Communication Arts student from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Manila. I’m 20 years old and would love to build a career on singing, writing and film directing. I've done some modelling but my passion is still with – Film and Writing. I’m opinionated--peculiar little puzzle that even I can’t figure myself out. Maybe through writing, we’d get bits and pieces of this puzzle together. Follow this puzzle’s twitter and Instagram: abielleremo

Posted by on 19 Dec 2013

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