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8 Effective Tips on How to Save Money

8 Tips on How to Save Money for a Short Term Goal


You can be as rich as those who make a lot just by making the most of what you get. It may be that you’re saving up for a new phone, a laptop, or even a puppy. All of which are short term goals that you wish to fulfill as soon as possible. Here are some ways to help you with reaching those goals fast. This article is based on SAVING money, not EARNING money. So basically, we work with how you save up the money you’re already getting. If you’re looking on how to EARN money, then read this money making article.

1.) Keep your eyes on the PRIZE by keeping your eyes on the PRICE!
Wordplay, I know! What I mean by this is that you have to set your heart on the goal. How much do you really want the prize? Setting your heart on a goal will be the coal to your furnace. When you go out, have a budget set out for yourself to only spend ¼ of what’s in your wallet and only if you really need to. Check the prize of everything you’re going to buy! Try to limit yourself to only buying things that never exceed 3 digits.

2.) In groceries, buy the bigger one!
You’re probably thinking that buying the smaller one of any product that you use regularly is saving you money just because it’s cheaper. WRONG! Buy the bigger product which is usually 25% cheaper than buying 2 of the smaller ones. It’s better to have a big stock at home than spend money on gas or commute just to buy another one that you think is cheaper.

3.) Keep your money in big bills!
Always keep your money in bigger bills. If you have an urge to buy gum and you see 5 20 peso bills in your wallet, then for sure you’ll get one of those 20s and spend it. But if you see a whole 100 in your wallet, I’m pretty sure you wouldn't break it just for a pack of gum.

4.) Avoid high end restaurants. Go for self service. Or better yet, don’t eat out!
If you’re saving money, you would want to avoid restaurants. Other than being guilty for not giving a tip, they have extra costs for service. And remember that you eat so you’ll have your fill. Keep in mind that you could still find delicious meals without spending too much. If you can bring packed lunch then better.

5.) Never ride a taxi
We all know why! Overpricing, traffic, etc.

6.) Find a long good book you would love to read
How does this help you save money? Well, if you’re into something you really like doing, you spend all your free time doing that. Finding a good book to read will always get you excited to go home and avoid the night outs your friends want you to go to. I know! I know! “Who would choose reading, over a party?” That’s why I said find a GOOD book that you would LOVE to read. And it’s not about choosing the book over a party; it’s about having something to do while you’re home. It’s better than watching TV – electricity bills.

7.) Keep the change!
Save the spare change. Why? Because it adds up! All those ignored cents lying around add up to ignored peso coins and those ignored peso coins add up to a whole one thousand bill. – That escalated quickly! (You get the picture)

8.) Create a deposit only account!
May it be a normal piggy bank or a bank account, you should make it a point that money only comes in and nothing comes out! Once you put something in that piggy bank, don’t reach in for it again until the right time.

Follow these simple tips on how to save money. I guarantee you, it won’t take long until you reach that short term goal! Good luck!


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