Kado Esmail, deaf street sweeper earns life achievement award

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Cotabato City, Philippines — Kado Esmail, 70-year old deaf street sweeper cleaning up the roads despite the rain was photographed by Jo Myrna Henry. An act that triggered Kado Esmail's recognition.

The photo of Kado Esmail was posted in Facebook and it didn't take long when Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Governor Mujiv Hataman took notice of the old man.

Esmail currently receives about P290 (less than $10) a day or P9,000 monthly salary. When he started working 22 years ago, Esmail was only receiving P5,500. Kado Esmail has to continue working to feed his family despite his age. Esmail still helps pay for the school expenses of his grandchildren.

Hataman later bestowed an award on Esmail, recently naming him as the ARMM's most outstanding employee. Besides receiving a certificate, he also received P50,000 in cash, an amount which was raised by the region's officials themselves. kado-esmail-ARMM-achievement-award.jpg

"For his exemplary service through exceptional trait of sheer hard work, the present administration hereby recognizes his contribution in the field of public and civil service," the certificate read.

Esmail was given the life achievement award, the highest in the list of awards given to 21 other employees out of 40,000 employees in the region.

In a paper sent to journalists, Hataman said the example of Esmail must be emulated. He said Esmail and the other awardees showed "honesty and hardwork."

“He said he could not retire even at his age, lest he suffer frequent body aching, and that he would have nothing to reap in terms of retirement benefits, just the same,” the paper said.

Jo Myrna Henry, the employee who took the photo, said she only wanted to let the public know about the loyalty and dedication of government workers in their duties. “I took the photo because I felt pity for Esmail and the other street sweepers who were doing their jobs rain or shine. It was drizzling but they went on,” she said.

Governor Mujiv Hataman on the other hand said that his administration will continue giving rewards to employees who will perform well and will prove that change can happen in the region.

Source: Interaksyon online news

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