Alfredo Salmos from Jeddah badly needs help

By: Marisse in Public Service

This is a qoute from Facebook user Steven VillanuevaAmbrosio.

Mr. Alfredo Salmos is our kababayan who suffered from a Alfredo-Salmos.jpgelectrical accident while at work 2 years ago. He was in comatose for 1 month and his current physical condiition is deteriorating. With no family to take care of him here in Jeddah, KSA and no job to sustain his daily needs for the 2 years that he has been here, Mr. Alfredo is asking for our help and assistance by sharing his information and his current situation to our reach the authorities. He only wishes to go home and be with his family. Please take a closer look and see how much he is suffering...HE NEEDS OUR HELP. Please share this post if you care, let all your facebook friends and organizations be a tool to expedite his case. YOU MAY CONTACT MR. ALFREDO SALMOS @ 0639-0859-29 your simple gesture of sharing his plight counts as a great help for him.

Please share and if you know the victim's relatives please make use of the contact number listed above. Thank you.
Update: Sent a message to ABS-CBN, I hope they would do something else I will communicate this to GMA network. At this moment, I haven't got any reply from ABS-CBN yet.
Update#2: No reply from ABS-CBN. Communication recently sent to GMA networks.
Update#3: GMA networks airs Alfredo Salmos
Update #4: Alfredo Salmos is finally home
Update #5: For those who wish to help OFW Alfred Salmos, please get in touch with the Blas F. Ople Center via 833-5337/833-9562 for coordination purposes. Donations can be channelled to the bank account set up by Alfred’s sister: Epifania Reem S. Colina, BPI Carmen West Rosales Pangasinan #0639-0859-29.
He's going back home "Alfredo Salmos-Jeddah to Philippines is now scheduled"




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Posted by on 03 May 2012

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