Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago fist fight against Mon Tulfo in NAIA 3

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"Raymart Santiago assaulted Mon Tulfo at the waiting area of NAIA 3 according to the news." raymart-santiago-tulfo-fight.jpgHow valid is the claim? can not identify which among the two parties initiated the fist fight or at this time would not like to determine or judge who provoked the brawl since the video circulating in youtube is just 59 seconds. The NAIA CCTV surveillance recording would be a better reference rather than judging both parties using the amature video. It's better to wait for the official result of the NAIA's investigation.

According to Mon Tulfo, it all started when Raymart Santiago approached him and wanted to grab his cellphone out of his vest after Mon Tulfo captured a video of Claudine Barretto "cursing" Cebu Pacific's ground stewardess due to a missing luggage of the actress. While Claudine claimed that Mon Tulfo initiated a punch when Raymart confronted Tulfo and asked why he took a video of Claudine.

Both parties planned to file charges against each other.

Take a look at the photo of Tulfo and Claudine Barretto courtesy of ABS-CBN news.

Major Updates about Raymart Santiago fist fight against Mon Tulfo in NAIA 3 is available here
Shocking Footage

The reason why I stated it's a shocking video footage because there were too many guards in the scene but they were not able to effectively stop the fight between Raymart Santiago's group and Mon Tulfo. Guards were almost just an ordinary spectators of the scene.

Major Updates about Raymart Santiago fist fight against Mon Tulfo in NAIA 3 is available here

Newest Video Uploaded in Youtube on May 25, 2012 shows A man in pink initially slapped Mon Tulfo




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Really, its More Fun in the Philippines.....
ayos yan, ganyan bububngad sa mga turista. :mry:


Bull's eye! Nice point!

Also, politicians are jumping into this issue and it may even covers the hype of any news between China and Philippines over the disputed Panatag Shoal.

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