Filipino Hackers / Hacktivists - Retaliation to China

By: DiversityHuman in Culture published an article yesterday asking our local hackers-hacktivist to unite and make a retaliation to China when needed.

Yes. They heard our calling that fast! Filipino hackers showed their unparallelled skills and talents.

The standoff in Scarborough Shoal has turned into a possible cyberwar.

Looking at the websites that were hacked by alleged Philippine hacktivists, I believe this team is the same group who put down the website of Vice-President Binay, because of their group slogan, "We are Anonymous, We are legion, We don' t forgive, We don't forget, United as one, Divided by zero, Expect us."

I salute you guys, you made it too fast. Take it easy, mentioned yesterday that we can do such retaliation if everything gets worse.

But again, we are proud of your loyalty to our motherland! You all made us proud! Don't let us fail!

Here are some sites that the group has defaced.




UPDATE#1: One of the members in Philippines local forum explicitly showed a statement that they made the retaliation. Just search the web for more information.
UPDATE#2: SUPRA DICK is known behind the attack. Thank you for your bravery!
UPDATE#3: SUPRA DICK is a possible member of the international hacktivist group known as Anonymous




Posted by on 22 Apr 2012

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