Scarborough standoff results to hacking of UP website

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Scarborough standoff between Philippines and Chinese Navy resulted to an online war. An alleged group of Chinesephilippines-china-standoff.jpg hackers has defaced the website of UP Diliman with a caption saying, “We come from China! Huangyan Island is Ours!”.

China is known for its lair of hacktivists and computer geniuses who do desperate attacks using website exploits. Are Philippine hackers ready to retaliate? is not calling all local hackers to make a retaliation to the recent activity of these chinese hackers but if everything gets worse, is requesting all local hackers to unite and show loyalty to our motherland. I met a couple of UP hackers when I was in college but so far they followed some ethics & code of conduct and they control themselves not to code any harmful computer software algorithm. Of course, not all of them. My professor that time even told us that he had a student who desperately spread a program that crashed the entire computer laboratory and it took them more than a month to fix the system. I know our local hackers are competent and they also have the edge to do what others can do abroad. Again, when everything gets worse, I guess we have to do some offensive attacks to any vulnerable sites in China.

I am talking about UP because I personally met these type of individuals not so long time ago; however I am also very much positive that there maybe so many high profile hackers that is outside the UP community. Hence, if we can't fight against Chinese Submarines and Chinese Navy, then let's fight back online whenever they do attacks to our local sites.

To all Philippine hackers, there are times that we don't have to separate our blood. There are so many groups out there. My friends and my countrymen, be prepared to serve to our homeland. Sometimes, we have to set aside money and we have to bring our pride to this dying nation. Show your patriotism at all costs. This is the land where you first took your breath. Stand firm on this land until your last breath.

We have to protect what's ours! We have to face them even at the very last moment of our lives.

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Posted by on 20 Apr 2012

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