Landslide in Pantukan, Compostela Valley 150 people still mising, 25 dead, 15 injured

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January 5, 2012, 3AM, a tragic landslide hit Sitio Diat 1 down Gold Panning Area and Diat 2 Panning Area, Barangay Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province (Mindanao) due to continuous rain in the area. According to some reports, the place was declared a 'NO Man's Land' and the community has allegedly been informed since last year. However, the advisory was neglected by few settlers in the area. Philippines Landslide Municipal officer of Pantukan declared around 150 bodies missing and several shanties/light material houses were wiped out. Based on the initial assessment of OCD Region XI, 25 dead bodies have been recovered and 15 persons reported injured.

RDRRMC/OCD Region XI is currently conducting an initial assessment of the total damages to infrastructure and agriculture . They also want to verify the real count of casualties. The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council in Pantukan has declared the area under the state of calamity. 2012-01-05T083611Z_1568375244_GM1E81519FO01_RTRMADP_3_PHILIPPINES-LANDSLIDE.JPG

Meanwhile, several volunteers and rescue teams responded the landslide to conduct search and rescue operation. This includes the PNP, AFP, DOH, DILG, PRC, and small scale miners also assisted the operation. Heavy equipments will be deployed including 2 helicopters to augment the operation.

The area is rich in gold deposits which is the main attraction why people risk their lives despite the threat of heavy landslides. Many people rushes into this place specially those who could not find a descent job in their respective towns and cities. And most of all, poverty pushed them to take all dangers in the place.

Below is the official report of ANC.




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