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This is an inspiring story of a young woman who risked and tried her luck working abroad to lift her family from poverty. Please note, that this is my attempt to fully translate an article written in Filipino by an author named Ms. J from another blog site. I received her permission allowing me to publish her article in English language. Also, please note that I do not personally know the original author and I haven't met her in person. Moreover, the Author wants to remain her anonymity, so I didn't bother to ask her real full name. Ms._J.png I was born and raised in Batangas. The eldest of four siblings. I lived in a poor family whose parents income was not sufficient to sustain our basic needs. At an early age, I've made countless sacrifices and even when I was a kid, I already understand the true meaning of life. I was known for my perseverance and strong determination.

People describes me as not a typical Filipina. I am tall and I look like a korean. After I graduated in high school I decided to leave the country to work abroad. And this marked the series of sacrifices and difficulties in my life.

At the age of 18, I worked as a service crew in a small pizza house in United States. As what expected, my life was not easy. I had to budget whatever amount I get from my job. I just had to convince myself that I'm fine with my handful earnings. This whole thing has gone for over three years until the day I met a man who would change everything in my life.

One of my regular customers, an Arab man, usually orders a “cheese pizza” but it is always for home delivery. His name is Mr. Ali. A typical Arab guy, small and a simple man. One day, he personally ordered 50 boxes of pizza. This was the chance that we had time to talk more even closely. People could hardly stop me when I starts to talk and I always smile and this could be the reason why Mr. Ali and I easily get acquainted. He started to tell me a couple of stories including bringing pizza to orphans. Mr. Ali once asked me on why I bothered to settle in this kind of job where in fact the return is low compensation and longer working hours. He even emphasized that my talents are being wasted in this type of job. I should have used my talents to gain more income. He was pretty much serious. I just laughed at him when he told me that. But deep inside, I just could not tell him that I was left with no options but to grab whatever job I could find. Before we ended the conversation, Mr. Ali took out his business card and told me, if you have time visit the Cosmopolitan Hotel and look for the Human Resources Director.

After two months, I end up jobless. This reminded of the calling card given by Mr. Ali. I rushed into the hotel and went straight into the Human Resources Director's Office. After a couple of interviews, I was fully shocked and extremely happy when the HRD asked me on when I could start? I was given a quick orientation about my job and what surprised me more was that they offer assistance to process my visa.

I immediately started my new job and after a few days I was informed that Mr. Ali is the Chairman of the hotel. Sooner, I was informed by the HRD that they are going to give me some development programs so that I could have a chance to be promoted in the future. Everything happened so quick and the heavens were pouring me with so many blessings at once. One late afternoon, I had a chance to meet Mr. Ali and I took that chance to give him all the thanks for being so nice and for trusting me. He replied back the way he said it before. “You have the personality designed only for hospitality business. Good luck and always take care. If you have problems, just feel free to approach me…”

Everyday I always make it to the point that my work is always perfect. And it's already enough for me that Mr. Ali would know that I am doing well on my job. One day, I was asked to go to the HRD office. I was seemingly nervous and I was so afraid that I will be terminated from my job. I started to think if I made a grave offense. But I could not even remember any fault I made against the company. So, I just went ahead to the office of the HRD. The director told me directly that the company will sponsor my college education. Again, I became so extremely happy for the series of blessings I've been continuously getting. I was told that the company has decided to give me scholarship and they will fix my schedule so that I could go to college while I continue to work in the hotel. There were so many unforgettable promotions but the last one is the most memorable. This was the day when I became the Country Operations Manager. My duty is to manage the entire operations of the hotel in all states. It is a very demanding job but I was so determined that I can do it. I was up for the challenge. I am the only woman joining the meeting of the board of Directors. And most of all, I am a Filipina.

Until now, I could hardly believe that a Filipina who was a service crew from a very small pizza outlet has become a successful woman today. It was because of my courage and strong determination to live my dreams and most of all my faith to the one above all us-Jesus Christ!

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System Admin Administrator came from a very humble beginning. Born in the middle of the jungle. Raised by a very loving mother. Grew with a very hard working father. Experienced poverty at the lowest level.

Posted by on 29 Dec 2011

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:-) Thank you so much Admin for posting my blog here in your site. Happy NEw Year and More POWER!!

Ms.J Saturday, December 31 2011 - 06:53

Amazing story. Very inspiring. I wish i have the same guts like her..

leeann Sunday, January 15 2012 - 17:11

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