John Paul Encinas - Cruel Attack to a Canteen Cashier

By: DiversityHuman in News

John Paul Encinas, a laundry shop owner in Manila, was caught on cam assaulting a cashier in a canteen near his establishment.
John Paul Encinas was recorded on at least three CCTV cameras threatening and attacking a female cashier named Marjorie Reynaldo who asked him to pay his meal.

The CCTV footage shown below serves as the crucial evidence regarding the inhuman treatment of John Encinas towards Marjorie. John Paul Encinas threw a water bottle at her, grabbed her by the collar, and then tried to make her eat a wad of money.

John Encinas is possibly aware that the eatery has surveillance cameras installed but maybe Mr. Encinas just could not control his emotions and decided to confront the cashier. John Paul Encinas later claimed that Marjorie Reynaldo was rude to him.

Source: GMA news

From my personal perspective, the cashier had a minor lapse in dealing with John Paul Encinas. In the video, Marjorie said, " the laundry shop that's fine...". I guess Marjorie is pertaining to the payment procedure in laundry shops against the payment process in the canteen. Some laundry shops allow their clients to pay later but in canteens they observe the basic rule, "Pay as You Order".

If Marjorie wasn't able to project a positive tone on her voice during their confrontation, I think that could have been the trigger of the cruel incident.

On the other side, I could not find any single logical and valid reason to justify that the actions of John Encinas are lawfully acceptable. He might be one of the loyal customers in this canteen who wants better customer experience. However, even if the cashier was a bit condescending why would a man attack a woman that way? Was he drunk or what?

John Encinas is yet to provide his official statement regarding this case but most likely he has to do this in front of the court jury. And good luck to John Paul Encinas if he would win his case if the poor little lady would file legal charges against him.

Update: John Encinas facing charges (despite his public apology) and insisted that the cashier made a mistake (video included)




Posted by on 26 Oct 2012

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