The victim identified as Johara Alignaye, who belongs to the Badjao ethnic group, was hit by the car owned by Tan. The witness, no other than the village's chieftain Tony Mamac, mentioned that the vehicle driven by the husband of Sunshine Dizon was moving too fast along the dark highway of the province. The victim might have failed to notice the approaching car since the color of the vehicle was black.

The 60-year-old Alignaye was initially caught by the Barangay officials for begging on the streets but was also released that night. The native folk went home on her own but she needed to cross the highway where she met the accident. Johara was dead on the spot.

According to a similar report, Timothy Tan purportedly tried to escape from the scene but he later returned to the area after realizing that he needed to face the consequences of his mistake. One of the local journalists reported that Tan felt guilty of the crime that's why he went back to the location to help the victim.

Timothy Tan was supposed to face "reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and other traffic violations for the death of Johara Alignaye", but these were settled privately. In a certain celebrity talk show, Dizon narrated the settlement and was so thankful to the family of the victim who decided to withdraw all charges against her husband.

This incident didn't just happen in the last few weeks but it occurred on November 29, 2010. This 5-year-old news has been revived by some bloggers after Sunshine Dizon posted a controversial photo on her Instagram account revealing the mistress of her husband.