Sarah Lahbati defended herself against GMA-7 allegations via Twitter

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Sarah Lahbati turned to Twitter to clarify GMA network's claims in its official statement.


Sarah Lahbati posted in twitter saying, "I just read the official statement of GMA against me. It's stated there that they are still investigating if I should pay 500k because the taping got packed up "because of me".

Sarah made it clear that she NEVER WALKED OUT in any of her work even if she was asked to work for more than 24 hours.

According to Sarah Lahbati, the supposedly "walk out" incident happened during a taping of a fantasy show where she was required to show skin and wear a costume. Then Sarah narrated that the following:

1. My call time was at 5pm in Subic & I arrived at 4pm.
2. I did prepare and quickly changed to my costume because I knew that we will be doing a lot of fight scenes that day.
3. After I got ready they told me that my scene was moved and they will shoot me right after dinner, but after dinner they decided to shoot my scene at 4am.
4. From 5pm to about 4am I waited and did my major fight scene that finished around 5am.

GMA Artist Center decided to book her for the opening of EAT BULAGA the following day which required Sarah to be in the studio at 8am to do hair, makeup and rehearse the production number.

Sarah Lahbati reiterated that she never walked out. She told the producers and P.A. that she had to go because she still had to travel back to Manila from Subic and be at Eat Bulaga studio by 8am.

"I did not leave the set, I waited for the producers to say that I can leave. I had permission to leave. This is the complete truth.

sarah-lahbati-twitter-comment.jpgFor the people that are saying I walked out,I didn't, and I'm sure if you were in my position you will also talk to the producers to say that you cannot continue. I don't know why this issue got out of hand and why GMA is all of a sudden on the offensive. All the chaos started to happen when I declined to be part of ICONS management. A top executive of the network once promised me stardom if I sign a contract with ICONS management. Just because I didn't sign this is what I get.

"There are many more incidents that I am not saying. I hope this will end soon because I am tired and stressed out from all of this. I feel like I am fighting a giant when all I'm doing is telling the truth. I know that there's a lot people out there who doesn't understand what I'm going through... People are saying na bakit ako nagrereklamo baka lumaki na ang ulo ko at yumabang. Hindi po ako nag rereklamo, bakit naman ako magyayabang? Wala naman akong ipagyayabang.

Hindi ako sikat. I know my status in this industry. I'm just a rookie who loves my craft... I have been accused and mistreated... I am forced to fight back and defend myself with the truth. I know that God sees all things... This is getting out of hand. I will be quite & stay quiet. I've said my piece. At the end of the day, all I want is what's best for me & GMA.

Thank you to everyone who's showing their love and support."

Source: Yahoo OMG!

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Posted by on 04 Jan 2013

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