Ronald Gadayan, an honest NAIA janitor commended for returning valuables left by a passenger

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ronald-gadayan.jpgMANILA, Philippines - Ronald Gadayan, 28, a janitor who returned a large sum of money he found at the the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) was lauded by his bosses and given commendation by his colleagues in simple rites during a flag raising ceremony on Monday.

Ronald Gadayan, a contractual janitor who receives a daily wage of Php400, was on duty cleaning the airport glass at the departure area of NAIA Terminal 2 on September 3 when he found a black Burberry bag underneath the chairs.

Gadayan did not hesitate to bring the bag to his superior and both of them turned the bag over to the lost and found section of NAIA Terminal 2.

The bag contained more than Php600,000 pieces of jewelry and personal papers. Later, it was successfully returned to its owner, Francis Lloyd Chua, who was bound to Cebu and accidentally left his belongings behind.

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Jose Angel Honrado personally gave the plaque of commendation to Gadayan.

Gadayan together with his family expressed his gratitude to the airport management for recognizing his good deed.

Honrado is also thankful to Ronald Gadayan for uplifting the image of the airport, saying the Gadayan is a proof that airport workers can be trusted.

Source: ABS CBN news, GMA news




Posted by on 11 Sep 2012

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