NBA News: Evan Turner and Greg Monroe Restricted Free Agents; Kyle Lowry on the Trading Block?

By: Sherwin in Sports

Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons and Evan Turner of Philadelphia 76ers are reportly on the move and are looking for a career revitalization come next season. This coming off-season, both of them will become restricted free agents and rumored to be in trade talks as we go near the trade deadline.


( Upper left: Greg Monroe, Lower left: Kyle Lowry, Right: Evan Turner )

With 76ers hinting they are going to be in full rebuild mode, they have a great young rookie in the name of Michael Carter-Williams, and a young player full of potential in Nerlens Noel, whom they are very high on. That makes Evan Turner a dispensable player, add to that his expiring contract at the end of the season. The 76ers will have draft picks and lots of cap room moving forward to build around their two young players if they can trade Evan Turner for a lottery pick and expiring contracts.

Meanwhile, Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons has been in trade rumors ever since Josh Smith came into town. The signing would be more sensible if there will be some sort of trade involving Monroe and Drummond. They have an oversupply of players for their front court which can be used to their advantage by trading one of them for another solid contributor to their back court players. Smith have been thriving well at the PF position, as shown with his improved stats and overall production. Monroe becomes an RFA this off-season, trading him might make the most sense. Detroit ideally would like to trade Monroe for a SG or a SF to replace Smith when they move him to PF.

Monroe seemed to be more bothered by the trade talks involving him:

"It does, to be honest, especially when we're still trying to get things right here, and then to kind of see that stuff. ... I just try to focus on what we're doing here. I'm here. If that changes, then I'll move forward. But up until then, or if it never does, I'm just going to focus on playing these games and trying to win these games" Monroe said .

Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors is another player who continues to be surrounded with trade rumors. Lowry will be an unrestricted free agent this coming off-season, and Toronto does not want to lose their starting point guard for nothing. Trade rumors surrounded Lowry all off-season, going into the season. But with Toronto's hot December run, which escalated them into 1st place in their division, it has taken Lowry off the trading block. But according to the latest reports, Toronto is still looking to trade their point guard because it's unlikely he will resign after this season.

That would be tough for the Raptors since Lowry has played like a true All-Star player this season. Trading him will be a big loss for the team and for the Raptors fans as well. But Toronto has 4 point guards on their roster, one of them is Greivis Vasquez who started for Sacramento before being traded to Toronto a few months ago. They have options outside of Lowry, but Vasquez isn't as skillful as Lowry. Vasquez will also be a free agent this off-season but he is restricted, giving Toronto the option to match any contract he receives this off-season. If they are planning to compete in the coming playoffs, then they better keep Lowry for now and just face the consequences later if ever Lowry would really leave the Raptors.




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Posted by on 04 Feb 2014

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